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(Photo credit: Stephen Langdon)

Art pop singer-songwriter Harper Finn bends the style boundaries of pop with the eclectic umbrella of influences reflected in his handwritten gems, centred around the twists and turns of growing up. Today, the Kiwi artist has released two debut singles, “Conversations (With The Moon)” and “Teenage Queen”. Listen HERE. 

The piano-driven “Conversations (With The Moon)” dances around a haunted minor key that leaves a dark and alluring aftertaste. Of the track, Harper says: “The idea for Conversations (With The Moon) came to me as I walked home alone from a house party one night. I was walking along the empty streets while my mind raced around the night that was, accompanied only by the moonlight.” Watch the video below.

“Conversations (With The Moon)”


“Teenage Queen”, mixed by Kody Nielson (Unknown Mortal Orchestra), will eat your heart out with its lifeforce of kinetic energy and off-beat rhythmic impulses filled with unusual notes and flavours - like all precious and mysterious things.

No stranger to the stage, Harper’s music is an ode to the coming of age, built around reflections and observations of modern love. The young songwriter reveals an old soul as he ruminates on the undeniable power and collective consciousness of music that has always been such a big part of his life.

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