SKATERS formed in late 2011 after Singer Michael Cummings and Noah Rubin (The Dead Trees, Adam Green, Little Joy) spent a year trading demos back and forth from Los Angeles to London with Guitarist Joshua Hubbard (The Paddingtons, Dirty Pretty Things). The three met in the middle to record an EP in a Manhattan loft, and never left the city. The result is a smart, dynamic punk band drawing inspiration from obscure genres and cultures. And, a live band featuring a growing cast of young energetic musicians of the Boston and NYC music scenes.
Michael and Noah both grew up in Boston together, where they formed The Dead Trees together.  They met in high school, as Noah was the only kid in his class that actually cared about making music.  Michael knew Noah as the drum phenom playing along to "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix at 14 in the school talent show.  Once they graduated High School, they moved the band out to Portland and ultimately LA.  It was in LA where they met Josh, soon to be trading demos back and forth over the Atlantic. When they settled in NYC they brought Dan aboard to play bass.  Knowing him as a hardcore punk stalwart in the Boston scene, Dan brought an instant punk credibility and playing style to the band.  Matt Hitt dutifully fills in on guitars.  He is a Welsh model and part of NYC band The Drowners.