Keon Jermaine Alleyne, better known as Swift K.I.D (standing for King In Disguise), is a 27 year old Canadian-based rapper.

Born in San Fernando General in Trinidad, his mother then moved to the city of Montreal where he was raised and exposed to all different genres of music and instantly connected with the great Hip-Hop, Pop and R&B around at the time. His admiration for wordplay by artists such as Jadakiss, Fabolous, Jay-Z and Notorious B.I.G. is what pushed him, at the age of 12, to decide that he would one day become a superstar like these artists he looked up to.

In his early high-school days, Swift created a few mixtapes and distributed them around his city for free. The feedback was really positive so he decided to record his first studio mixtape "K.I.D. on Fire" in 2007 and like his previous projects, used the streets of Montreal to spread his music. He then took the next year to promote his mixtape and establish himself as one to seriously watch out for.

Having honed in on his skills, in 2009, Swift recorded his follow up mixtape "K.I.D. on Fire 2", demonstrating an upgrade in style, flow and even music influence - including some more electronic flavoured songs. Even more positive feedback flowed in and there was an underground ‘buzz’ growing in the city however that just wasn't enough for Swift. He had bigger goals and dreams of becoming a star and being able to make a living out of his music, however lack of support for English hip-hop in the predominantly French-speaking province of Quebec made his dreams look like they’d come to a dead end.

Step in artist manager Patrice LaFlamme, who on the very last month of completing his management degree, received a copy of "K.I.D. on fire 2" from a friend and heard something special in Swift’s music. Patrice immediately got in touch with him however with already more than 10 years under his belt trying to get signed without any success, Swift was already toying with the possibility of bowing out of the industry. Patrice had high hopes for Swift and let him know he would be waiting on Swift’s call the moment he changed his mind. In November 2011, Patrice got that phone call. Swift explained how he had found the song that could finally see him ‘blow up’ and that he was ready to give this one last shot.

At Wiz Khalifa's "Waken Baken" tour, Swift performed his new track for the first time, a vocal that he recorded over a 2008 European dance record called "Hear My Sound" by Belgium's DJ Laurent Wéry... the crowd ate it up!

It was in a friend’s car where Swift first heard "Hear My Sound". The moment he got home, he searched for the song online stumbling across the instrumental version after which he immediately got to work. The very next day, he recorded a demo from the microphone in his bedroom and uploaded the song to YouTube. He notified Laurent Wéry via his YouTube Channel so he wouldn't take any legal action and almost instantly was contacted by the DJ who let him know how much he loved the new version. Laurent played this new cut for his label, Belgium indie label La Musique Du Beau Monde, who quickly snapped it up and in turn signed the track on to Warner Music UK

In preparation for the worldwide release, the labels felt the track, now re-titled ‘Hey Hey Hey’, would benefit from a female feature vocalist to compliment Swift’s rap, so Patrice spoke to Swift who instantly highlighted Dev as someone he’s always wanted to collaborate with. In March 2011, Swift was told that, not only had the labels secured Dev to feature on ‘Hey Hey Hey’, but that they would also shoot the official music video together in L.A later that month, exactly on the date of Swift’s birthday!

And as they say, the rest is history; the song has since been signed on to numerous major labels, clocked up over 10 million views on YouTube and topped charts all over the world, most notable probably in Australia where the track peaked at #2 on the ARIA Singles Chart and is now 4 x platinum.

Recognising Swift’s talent, newly launched Australian-based urban label Motto Beats (an imprint of Australian label Neon Records, who signed ‘Hey Hey Hey’) approached Swift after hearing a couple of his other demos, in particular a rough cut called ‘Bed Of Clouds’, and signed him to a worldwide recording deal that would see him develop and release his debut EP. Motto Beats then approached legendary young Australian performing artist Guy Sebastian off the back of his massive hit ‘Battle Scars’ (which has sold over 600,000 copies in his home country) and sent him the draft of ‘Bed Of Clouds’ to see if he would be interested in featuring on the record. Within hours, Guy had responded declaring his love for the track and a few months later, Swift was flown to Australia to record the track with Guy in his Sydney studio.

The single has now just been released in Australia and is racing up the sales and airplay charts. National radio network Nova highlighted Swift as one of the three urban acts to watch for in 2013 alongside Frank Ocean and Kendrick Lamar and the rest of the country’s radio networks agree, granting the track the #1 most added song to radio the week of release.

Swift will also be back in Australia in late March to join Guy Sebastian to perform the track on his National Tour that will see him play to sold out shows in all the capital cities.

All those that meet Swift and hear his music seem to be instantly blown away by his flow, the depth to his lyrics, his versatility as a performer and his infectious personality – and his debut EP due out in mid 2013, Swift is well on the way to standing alongside his musical idols that he once only dreamed of.