With a career spanning 20 years, and Top 18 40 hits, Irish rock group Ash have lost none of the energy that saw them debut on Top Of The Pops whilst awaiting their ‘A’ level results and since notch up 5 studio albums (and a mini-album) together. Heralded as ‘the ultimate singles band’ the 3-piece turned their back on the traditional route of recording an album every couple of years and set up their own studio and label, Atomic Heart Records. This newfound freedom enabled the band to record and release songs at will. Thus was born the A-Z Series – a collection of 26 songs released fortnightly for an entire year. In 2012 Ash celebrated their 20th birthday and to coincide with the #ASH20 celebrations the band released an EP of cover versions entitled 'Little Infinity'. 2013 will see the band return to the studio.