During groundbreaking achievements in the fifteen-year history of The TEN Tenors, one thing is for sure they will always give one hundred percent to ensure that you have a great night out.

It is clear this is a continually evolving group. What was once known as a group of university friends whom banded together to make pocket money during their studies at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music has, powered through fifteen years on the international stage, morphing into a troupe of road warriors, respected and adored throughout the world, championing the legacy of the group’s humble beginnings whilst striving forward into the future of the classical cross-over genre.

The TEN Tenors respectfully tip their hats to their classical roots and share with audience’s unique renditions of the genre’s best-loved pieces, but they also push the boundaries of what it means to be a ‘tenor’ and to sit in the ‘classical’ genre in today’s world. Taking cues from some of music’s most courageous contemporary artists such as Freddy Mercury and Meatloaf, The TEN, see rock opera as not only a way of keeping their show fresh and reaching new audiences, but appealing to the myriad of musical preferences a ten-piece musical act shares.

Amidst incredible international success, this Australian troupe has become known as one of the hardest working touring acts; performing on average up to 250 show per year across seven continents, they have sold over 3.5 million concert tickets; have four gold CDs and two platinum CDs; two gold DVDs and one platinum gold DVD; they continually strive to challenge themselves and their audience. Touring like a rock band, The TEN, whose average age is 26, and their crew have seen enviable, unique sights from all corners of the globe and have crazy stories to challenge any deviant touring rock band. They are also renowned for their commitment to their fans; meeting their fans after every show for signings as well as all personally interacting on their social media pages, which is a rare and admirable quality for an artist at all these days, let alone one with the gruelling touring schedule of The TEN.

Long-serving member of The TEN, Michael Manikus says “So many people, particularly men, turn up to a show, having been dragged by their wives, arms folded, thinking they’re going to watch us croon to the ladies and serve up yet another watery classical- crossover show. Not too far into the show they realise we are a group of down-to-earth Aussie blokes, that have power and guts in our performance and they leave not only pleasantly surprised, but fans themselves.”

The group’s producer, D-J Wendt adds, “We like to think audiences come to our show to hear arias that will give them goose bumps like they have never felt before. With this show, we know they will get that, but we promise to also make you feel like you have just rocked out or been to the best party you have been to in ages.”