In 1969, vocalist Errol Brown (MBE), bassist Tony Wilson and pianist Larry Ferguson (all of West Indian origin) joined a band which had been put together by fellow Carribean Patrick Olive (percussion), Franklyn De Allie (guitar) and drummer Ian King, in the unlikely location of Brixton, London.

They made their first recordings in 1969 with former Shadows drummer Tony Meehan as producer.......a Reggae version of John Lennon`s "Give Peace A Chance" and an original Wilson/Brown 'Reggae' composition entitled "Living Without Tomorrow", although Errol Brown is quick to point out that they never had any aspirations to become purely a Reggae band.

Whilst never experiencing global superstardom, Hot Chocolate cruised through the 70`s and early 80`s, scoring a hit record in every year from 1970 to 1984 inclusive and notching up a total of 35 UK hits and 283 weeks on the chart, including re-issues up to 1998. Whereas other artists exploded onto the scene like exotic firecrackers and burnt out just as quickly, Hot Chocolate were a constantly flickering 'pilot-light' ready to flare up at any given moment.

Since they never adhered themselves to any particular musical movement or fad, they weren`t subject to the restrictions of a particular genre and were thus able to 'plough their own furrow' which they did with remarkable aplomb, adapting to changes of style yet retaining certain unique ingredients.